Realistic Crystal Silicone Dildos With Strong Suction Cup

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About Product

  1. Realistic 9-inch dildo
  2. Material: Silicone
  3. Product name: Ideal large dildo for women, lesbians, or couples
  4. Function: Female masturbation and anal toys
  5. Color: Purple, red, crystal
  6. Waterproof: 100% waterproof
  7. Frequency: Strong masturbation
  8. Package: Discreet packaging
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Realistic Crystal Silicone Dildo

Jump into this Original Clear Soft Dong and ride the path to ecstasy! Indeed, This realistic dildo has realistic details. Its smooth head, veined and fleshy shaft, and set of textured balls. These facts make the perfect imitation of a dildo for intense fun. Firm and erect with real glans and veins, every inch of this Jelly Penis Girls Dildo is ready to please you. Realistic veins and real penis texture will give you thrilling G-spot stimulation.

This Safe Dick Sex Toy is 100% waterproof

Indeed, the Realistic Crystal Silicone Dildo is 100% waterproof. So with it, you can immerse yourself in aquatic thrilling joy. Perfect for bedroom and outdoor adventures. Therefore, this soft and pure jelly dildo will keep you company forever. The suction cup base for hands-free thrusting will give you a taste of orgasmic sex. Indeed, It is well suited for single or couple play.

Jelly Penis Girls Dildo Come with Silicone Material

Indeed, the Realistic Crystal Silicone Dildo comes with clear jelly silicone. The shaft is soft but firm and realistic enough for penetration. Jelly Penis Girls Dildo comes with a flexible structure for comfortable positioning. Indeed, It has realistic firmness. And Realistic Crystal Silicone Dildo has firm balls. These balls can be used as a handle while using it. Using high-quality water-based lubricants is a must for the best satisfactory effect!

Original Clear Soft Dong

Ride, thrust, or grind, what’s your preferred stimulation style? Firstly, You can use your Jelly Penis Girls Dildo in the style you like. Play with it in a yoga position or ride a daring side-saddle. Indeed, this realistic dildo is just the right size for you. And Jelly Penis Girls Dildo has the power to provide strong suction. Its shaft is a living male with bulging veins. Above and below this toy additional vertical bulging veins extend throughout the body.

Its suction cup can be stuck in any hard place for hands-free fun. The flexible and textured appearance provides you with safe, satisfying sexual pleasure. The unique design of the Realistic Crystal Silicone Dildo is perfect for every woman. This is a great toy for anal or vaginal enjoyment. You will find these awesome Jelly Penis Girls Dildos in many colors. So, select your favorite color. And start a wild enjoyable journey.


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