3D Love Doll Masturbator

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It is expertly layered to provide an extremely realistic sexual experience. Its dual-density design is great for providing realistic rigidity. It is strategically designed to provide luscious softness in sensual areas such as the hips and upper torso.
Her velvety soft and glowing skin is eager and begging for your touch. Her perky nipples will force your hand to run over her. Grab her huge, plump, and juicy breasts and surrender yourself to her full round ass.
You can choose her beautiful pink ass, anus, or her plush pussy according to your needs. Each game will offer you a powerful orgasm with a thrill. Its anal and vagina are for incredible pleasure. Because holes filled with exciting ribbing inside the vagina and anal.

A delicious sexy female body for very realistic and lifelike sex. Great for maintaining weight and realistic density. The doll comes perfectly sized for easy handling. Her vaginal depth is 9 inches, and her anal depth is 6 inches.


Choose your favorite position – you can use different positions with this pussy ass masturbator. Her deep vagina, anus, and perky breasts each have their own unique sensual sensations. These enhance your orgasm. Her perfect sexy curvy body, fat big ass, and plump breasts will give you wonderful full sexual satisfaction. She is committed to giving you the experience of having sex with a real woman.

TIGHT AND REALISTIC HOLE – The deep vaginal and anal holes of this male masturbation doll are suitable for all men. Because within these two channels there is elasticity and flexibility, tightness, and durability. The inner grooves and convex particles come with exquisite and functionally efficient design. This unique design is very effective in making you feel real pressure and friction like a virgin vagina.

Soft material and realistic details – This male masturbator come with high-quality TPE and silicone material. These super-quality supplements are safe for your body and health. Not only this, these ingredients will make you feel like real skin. As a result, the description and functionality of this male sex toys for you are very realistic. Every part of her nipples, collarbones, and labia are realistic and lifelike. As a result, it allows you to have a more realistic experience.

Sexy and charming curves

This genital masturbator is a full woman with sexy curves and healthy abdominal muscles. Gives you the ultimate virgin experience during use. You choose your favorite poses to win her over and please yourself.

2 secret sexy channels
Two irresistible entrances have realistic designs of a great vagina and anus. Choose her favorite channel, vagina or anus, to enjoy pleasurable sex.


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