3D Realistic Love Half Doll

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A torso masturbator or torso sex doll will give your sex life an amazing twist. That’s right. Because she is great and effective in satisfying all your sexual fantasies and needs. This perfect, realistic and soft body torso sex doll is the idol of your desire and sexuality. Its life-like silicone and soft TPE material make it super realistic.

Full-body sex dolls are expensive. In that case, a torso sex doll is your best option. Because she is ready to give you the fun of a full-body sex doll you can afford. It is also very convenient for transportation.

We do our work professionally and diligently.


It comes with a strong unique internal structure. So it can hold its realistic shape quite nicely. One of the reasons for this is that its backbone adds a lot of rigidity. The metal spin inside it does not deform over time. It is capable of absorbing your weight and heavy impacts.


This doll is detailed in design and very realistic. Its unique realistic textures make it look more lifelike. Its silicone material provides a life-like soft feel. It looks like a fully alive virgin sexy woman. It’s heavy enough that it doesn’t move too much when using saws. But he is not heavy enough to allow you to work. Its weight and size stability may suit you.

This silicone masturbation male toy has two realistic channels. Both entrances are tight, textured, and comfortable. Not only that, these two lengths are more than enough lengths and offer a variety of exciting textures. You can enjoy sex in different styles and positions of your choice with this doll. He is easy to transport or hide. You can set it or keep it stationary for its heaviness. And can use it without movement.


It has nice, comfortable bumps and grooves in its vagina and anus. Her front entrance is slightly larger in diameter than most male masturbators. So it is more comfortable and easy for users. The posterior anal entrance is smaller. So it’s tighter. So you will get a dual experience with this doll. Use water-based lube.

The packaging is discreet. You will get your product at your doorstep with very safe and protective packaging. You will get the unmarked sealed box inside a Sadhaar box. So nobody can tell what’s inside by shaking it. You should flush thoroughly because the holes are closed at both ends.


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