Realistic 3D Textured Big Vagina & Anal Masturbator

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Product Features :

  • Comes with a realistic 3D texture
  • Vagina and anal masturbator
  • Total weight 3.57 Lbs
  • 100% body-safe
  • Body-safe silicone material
  • Use as a trainer & Improve your skill
  • Easy to clean
  • We provide free discreet delivery

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Are you alone or not with your partner? Or do you want to fully realize your sexual fantasies? So this virgin sexy girl is the perfect partner for you. Because she is alive and will always accompany you. She will stay as long as you want to be with him and satisfy you completely.

This male masturbator comes from skin-friendly TPE and silicone. So it perfectly mimics the complexion, curves, and fine wrinkles of a real sexy woman. Feel the tight stimulating grip of her ribs’ 6.7-inch vagina and 6.3-inch anus with reality. The realistic size and weight are perfect for you. So you can have fun with her all night long. She will give you a comfortable feeling and stability. We promise that after one night with her, you won’t want anything more. This adult love toy’s sweet dripping pussy and anus will fulfill your strange sexual fantasies.

We believe in the shipping of our sex store products with discreet packaging. So that your privacy is completely safe with us. So indulge your sexual desire with her.


She’s begging you to enter her behind, pleading with her sensual looks. You passionately love her attractive butt. We promise he’ll shower you with love too.


Soft skin: Feel the softness as you run your fingers across her attractive soft curvy figure. This vibrant male masturbator is completely skin-friendly and hypoallergenic. With that, it is effective to give you the most realistic touch. Because it comes with advanced medical-grade TPE and silicone. You slap lightly and watch her ass bounce.
It comes with a real-life model. This life-size pelvis male masturbator has bright sensual attractive labia. It crinkles when pulled. So its realistic textured skin mimics the natural reality. It blurs your fantasy and reality.

Dual stimulation: Her pink juicy 6.7-inch deep pussy hugs your cock tightly. The unique ribbed internal structure in the anus sucks your cock. So the two holes give you a completely different but equally satisfying experience.

Package Deal: We know how important your privacy is. This is why we provide discreet packaging from our sex store. It is naturally easy to clean.


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