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  1. This pussy ass masturbator is weighing 5 kg
  2. Best for Anal and Vaginal Sex
  3.  Made of  body-safe, skin-like, soft TPE and Silicone
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Large Vagina Sex Toy Men Masturbation in India Pussy Male Pussy Adult Product

Big vagina men masturbator is a suitable and effective male sex toy for missionary and doggy-style sex. It can be great for you to get a real feeling like real sex. So it will give you the feeling of having sex.  Even, this Big vagina men masturbator virgin girl will be always with you! This is a 2-in-1 lotus tight pussy and ass masturbator. Even, You can find more ways to enjoy yourself with her. Enjoy butt or anal masturbation and vaginal masturbation together. This male masturbator sex toy will give you the most vivid experience. Indeed, this vaginal butt sex doll male masturbator toy Big Vagina is best for men.

Big Vagina Men Masturbator Male Sex Toy

Perfect vagina shape and color make this vaginal butt sex doll more erotic and eye-catching. It simulates a realistic design for a more vivid sexual experience. Vagina Men Masturbator comes perfectly sized for easy handling. While it maintains realistic density. Its waterproof function allows you to enjoy it in the bath or shower.

 Sex Toy Big Size Pussy Has 3D Realistic Interior Structure

Firstly, Inside it has sensual convex soft particles. These are effective in enhancing the pleasure of your penis by friction. Secondly, Its realistic 3D textured ribbed tunnel is responsible for your ultimate orgasm.

These Pussy Vagina Sex Toys Provide ultimate stimulation with every thrusting on your penis. Its 3D realistic vagina and tight anal will suck your dick repeatedly. So its tight vagina and anus will perfectly enhance your sexual pleasure. So, Fulfill your weird fantasy with this magical male master better.

3D Realistic Size Big Vagina Men Masturbator Sex Toy Pussy Adult Toys

 Sex Toy Big Size Pussy is super realistic and gives you soft touch. It comes with healthy soft materials. Its multi-layered soft, elastic silicone material is comfortable for your body. This Large Vagina Sex Toy comes with two holes design. So, These provide you with orgasmic sex with realistic sexual fun.

Indeed, This vaginal butt sex doll has two separate sensual tight holes. So it is great for enjoying both types of pleasure. It has a unique convex particle internal structure, lively labia, tight anus, and vagina. Indeed, These give you intense excitement. The vivid visual realistic design gives you the most authentic experience.  At the same time, it makes your fun double! For more pleasure, we recommend a good quality water-based lubricant. Clean it after use. After cleaning you can add some baby powder to your Big Vagina Men Masturbator.

Discreet package

Indeed, All adult sex products in our online sex store come in discreet standard packing. Even. We guarantee 100% to keep your privacy in the strictest confidentiality. So no one will know you bought a male masturbator sex toy.


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