Cyberskin Penis Extension Stretchy Penis Enlarger Topco Wildfire Celebrity Tommy Gunn Power Suction Realistic Penis Enhancer Sleeve for Men

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About The Product

  1. Tommy-Gunn-crop.jpgColor: Original flesh color
  2. Materials: Cyberskin TPR & Silicone
  3. Length: 8.73 inches
  4. Internal depth: 6.4 inches
  5. Width: 1.5 inches, 2.18 inches (outer width)
  6. Weight: 10 oz
  7. Powered by: You
  8. Special Features: Comes with realistic veins and super pornstar Tommy Gun shape
  9. CyberSkin provides a natural texture and feel
  10. Phthalate Free,
  11. Feelings in LeaflyApplicative for Men & Couple
  12. 100% Water-proof
  13. Easy to wash
  14. Travel-friendly
  15. Best for erectile dysfunction
  16. We offer free discreet delivery

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Tommy Gun CyberSkin Penis Extension is the most popular penis extension among male sex toys. Because it actually works great on demand!

Not all men have incredible penile lengths like Tommy Gunn’s. Topco Wildfire Celebrity Tommy Gun Power Suction Realistic Cyberskin Penis Enhancer Sleeve can make your married life full and happy. Because with it now you can please your partner with confidence. Make your sweetheart happy just like Tommy Gunn does in his movies. Shape your manhood like porn star Tommy’s penis. Because it’s a perfect match for Tommy Gunn’s penis. This CyberSkin penis extension adds 1.75 inches to the length and 3 inches to the girth of your penis.

It has a thick oversized penis that provides a comfortable fit inside the chamber. It provides a custom-fit feel while providing maximum sensation to your partner. This cyberskin gives you the soft feel of real skin with virtual touch texture. Because it mimics the texture of human skin perfectly. As a result, it allows you and your partner to enjoy realistic sensations equally. It has power suction technology. As a result, this life-line takes an effective role in locking the extension to your shaft. Your girlfriend will love it 100%. You give her porn star style sex fun.

The adult stud Tommy Gun penis sleeve comes molded in incredibly soft, ultra-stretchy cyberskin. Excitingly detailed Power Suction Realistic Penis Enhancer is effective to effortlessly increase sexual performance, confidence and pleasure. Make a Tommy Gun fantasy work in your wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. So this is a creative way to fulfill the needs of your beloved companion.

This fantastic penis extension promises you to enjoy the ultimate sexual satisfaction of Tommy Gunn fantasy with your partner. CyberSkin is effective for providing a more realistic experience. Because it gradually warms up with body temperature. It grips your penis directly. No matter your penis is small or large it ensures a suction-fit. So this penis extension fits any size cock.

TopCo comes with the best life-like thermoplastic rubber and super silicone material. These elements are great to give this pennies sleeve a realistic feel and look. The sleeve is stretchy enough to fit men with big penises too. It is great and practical for your comfort. Use plenty of water-based lube of your choice for the most memorable and spicy experience.

Just wash with mild soap and water after use. Use some renewing powder on it. Be sure to clean and dry. It is a popular male sex toy in the United States!


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