Fleshlight Girls Angela White In India Realistic Male Masturbator Waves and Bumps Tunnel

Original price was: ₹12,599.00.Current price is: ₹9,499.00.

  1. Material: Glass and Body Safe Silicon
  2. Weight : 750 Grams
  3. Height : 10.25 Inches
  4. Width : 4 Inches
  5. Brand : FleshLight
  6. Shipped : From Within India
  7. Battery Type: Non-Battery product
  8. Special features : Removable sleeve, discreet case, realistic, body-safe material
  9. Color : Flesh sleeve, pearl case
  10. Sleeve Type : Lotus or Forbidden
  11. About shipping : We provide free discreet delivery
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Porn Star Male Masturbator Waves Bumps Tunnel

Angela White Fleshlight Girls pussy masturbator, the best sex toy for men. The unique structure inside this Classic Fleshlight will give you the ultimate pleasure. Indeed, the wavy and bumpy soft realistic vagina tunnel will give you real sex. Angela White is a famous and popular porn star. Who collaborated to print the first realistic pussy for men. Angela White has gained considerable recognition. And she gained popularity as an American porn star for the past 10 years. Indeed, this masturobator can fulfill your sexual dreams with Angela White.

Super Fleshlight Girls for All

Pussy masturbator Angela White is high quality and great in terms of size and material. Its unique texture makes it different.  And makes great even for standard masturbators. Indeed, its internal structure is fine and grooved. So the rough grooves and bumps will excite you. When you insert your penis into her vaginal entrance. The texture of this fleshy girl is quite suitable for beginners. Be sure to use lubricant before using it. Great for experts, intermediates, and beginners and highly recommended. Also, this is for those who are fans of Angela White.

Angela White Fleshlight Girls Has a Unique Structure and Design

This masturbator comes with a unique structure and design. You can separate and clean its hard case and sleeve after use. Indeed, you can easily insert a mini vibrator.  Or can insert a bullet vibrator into the hole inside this masturbator. You can do this to make the masturbation vibrator. Indeed, Masturbation with vibration makes you aroused quickly. If you are interested in vibrating during masturbation. In that case, we have many options.

Angela White Classic Flashlight is great for relieving your loneliness. This Fleshlight Girls Angela White will definitely give you a great sex experience. She loves spending time alone with you. Fleshlight Girls Angela White Masturbation will help you to discover new things. She promises to make you a more sexually aware and healthy person. Enjoy long-lasting sessions of amazingly satisfying self-love with this toy.


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