Powerful Men Vacuum Penis Pump

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  • Soft, anti-allergenic Silicone Bulb Is Easy to Press and Rebound
  • Easily Observe Penis Progress with Clear Cylinder
  • Pump Up Your Performance and Pleasure with it
  • Best Firm Air Hose & Quick Release Valve
  • Incredibly Durable Sleeve and Tight Seal
  • Free discreet delivery


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Transparent chamber

It comes with a transparent chamber with a diameter of 2.6 and a length of 9 inches. It is convenient to give a big new look to your penis and to measure the growth of your penis.

  Squeezing and quick release

Its hand bulb comes with silicone material. It is quite comfortable to pump. This quick-release valve releases pressure easily with a single push of the button.

Durable  sleeve

Its insertion sleeve comes with  TPE .This material is extremely durable and body safe. This ensures that the seal does not leak any air in or out.

Silicone flexible Air Hose

Its air tube comes with silicone, it is soft, flexible yet very strong. The air tube will never leak. Its application is to create sufficient vacuum inside the chamber.

Manual physical therapy

: Regular use of it will contribute to the health of the penis. Vacuum physiotherapy will train penis erection without any harmful side effects for men. This is quite a safe and effective way for you.


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