LOVENSE Lush Powerful Bullet Vibrator, Bluetooth Egg Style Stimulator, Remote Control Vibrator Bullet for Women Vibrating Ball, Rechargeable Massagers for Female Couples Pleasure Adult Sex Toys

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About LOVENSE Lush 1

  1. Remote Control LOVENSE Lush has 7 fun and exciting vibration
  2. So Many Ways to Enjoy Pleasure!
  3. Control from Anywhere in the World
  4. Unlimited Customization
  5. Music Sync
  6. Long Distance Control
  7. Unlimited Vibration Patterns
  8. Sync to Music
  9. Sound Activated Vibrations
  10. Sync Together
  11. Body-safe silicone
  12. Apple Watch Control

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Remote Controlled Lovense LUSH

Lovense LUSH wireless Bullet smart vibrator helps to explore a daring horny experience in public. But its most beneficial aspect is that it strengthens your long-distance relationship. It knows how to fight sex with your partner from a far distance. LOVENSE Lush Bullet Vibrator fulfill your all need with orgasm.

First time in India, this is a great female toy to ignite your sexual fire. After all, Use it at least once. And make your relationship with your partner more juicy and strong. Use the app from anywhere in the world.  And control your partner’s pleasure with Remote Controlled Lovense LUSH. But if you want to play solo, you can control it yourself. And get great orgasms with your favorite vibrations.

So Many Ways to Enjoy Pleasure

Indeed, Orgasm is defined by sensation. With innovative vibrators, you can feel comfortable in your own home or outside. It is helpful in fully retaining the intensity and excitement of your lover through the app. It provides you with an opportunity to enjoy unlimited patterns. With the app, you can create and download your favorite vibrations.

Firstly, It can be synced with your favorite music. Secondly, The vibrations will sync with the sounds around you. As a result, you can really feel the musical atmosphere in your favorite club. Indeed, This bullet vibrator comes with a powerful vibrator. And has advanced technology.

Remote Controlled Lovense LUSH Comes with Unlimited Customization

Indeed, Remote controlled LOVENSE Lush comes with powerful yet silent hardware. Experience universal sex play with this vibrator. You can control LOVENSE Lush Bullet Vibrator at close range and long distances. The fully optimized antenna gives you great long-distance orgasmic sexual satisfaction. It wakes up all the cells in your body. It is able to catch signals from your smartwatch, apple. Or smartphone tap. And slide control interface.

Remote Controlled LOVENSE Lush is best For Women

Indeed, This handsfree LOVENSE Lush bullet vibrator delivers powerful vibrations silently. It is compatible with many smart gadgets. Like iPhone, iPad 3/4/Air, and iPad Mini ½. Android, Bluetooth, and Windows. Connect your LUSH to your PC with Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter. You let your loved one control it. Its battery life is very long‼️ You will have a blast in front of the public. But no one will know what is happening.

 LOVENSE Lush Bullet Vibrator

Firstly, Enjoy the remote-controlled LOVENSE Lush bullet vibrator with your partner. Secondly, Make your partner feel always by your side with it. Thirdly, Use a water-based lubricant with it for easier and stronger orgasms. You can now order Lovense LUSH Wireless Smart Vibrator from all cities in India. We offer free international shipping with discreet white bubble wrap packaging. We have all kinds of payment options. Remote Controlled Lovense LUSH is strong and quiet.

Long battery life and rechargeable

The battery of your wireless LOVENSE Lush bullet Bluetooth vibrator is long-lasting. Indeed, It allows you to enjoy it for a long time. Stopping in the middle doesn’t let you down. But Fortunately, Lush can work for up to 3 hours continuously. Also, it is USB rechargeable. 1.5-hour charge. And it will do much for your pleasure.


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