Rotating Male Masturbation Cup with 10 Spinning Modes

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  • Material: TPE, soft elastic body safe material
  • Size: 278mm (L) 85mm (D) / 10.94 * 3.34 inches
  • Mode: 10 telescopic rotation mode, 10 speeds 310 turn / min
  • 5 types of interactive women’s voices
  • Internal soft rubber pussy pussy
  • Hands-free design
  • 180 degrees fit for any position
  • Real 3D textured and has provocative beads inside the vagina
  • Free discreet delivery


  •  Use a sufficient amount of water-based lubricant on the hands before use to make masturbation easier and more satisfying.
  • Be sure to fully charge before use.
  • It must be washed well after use

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10 rotating modes with  10 thrusting speeds

It is much better than the ordinary automatic masturbator. This will give you the pleasure of a completely different and exciting masturbation.

This device will move your penis up and down, it has a unique advanced rotation mechanism, which enhances the experience of male masturbation!

It comes with 10 rotation patterns that you can choose as you like, giving you endless sexual satisfaction every time you use it.

Stamina training

This masturbator not only gives you endless sexual satisfaction, but also prepares you to surprise your partner and give you better sexual pleasure. And makes your penis harder and firmer. It trains your gender.

Use daily and relieve fatigue throughout the day

You can enjoy the fun of masturbation with the speed and rotation of your choice. It is important to use a regular male masturbator to stimulate your gut and relieve fatigue throughout the day.

Super-soft  , realistic feel with TPE material

It comes in sleeves and is realistic, soft, anti-allergenic, With TPE material. It faithfully reproduces the feeling of penetration into the real woman’s vagina!

It has realistic 3D textures inside and provocative convex beads that will give you a better feeling and a fantastic sexual experience from real intercourse with each thrusting during your penis penetration.


Powerful suction cups best for hands-free fun

This male masturbator brings strong sucking base cups. It firmly holds any smooth hard surface in your bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen, etc.

It has 145 degrees of regular compression and 720 degrees of rotation of the sleeves. This makes it possible to enjoy it without using your hands during your masturbation.


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